As the name says; Turning POINT coaching services is indeed a turning point for anyone who seriously need a change in their life. Having worked with singles for almost 5 yrs, I have come across so many people with all kinds of issues from relationship disappointments, stress, depression, loneliness, stagnation, sense of no direction (Lack of purpose), fear of getting it wrong in marriage, low self-esteem, sexual issues, financial difficulties etc. to issues with spirituality.
I am particularly moved by the stories of singles of all ages who so much wants to get married but are hindered by financial constraints. Amongst the services we offer at turning POINT, we also specialises in small sized but quality weddings/engagement for those who may be on low income but still desire to be married. In terms of discovering and pursuing purpose, we will guide you through every step of the way from setting up name of organisation/business, motto, aims, services, colours, logo/posters and how to run it etc.
For one-on-one Coaching in any of our services packages or any area of your choice, please book your appointment on our Facebook page or contact us on WhatsApp: +44 7506 009931 Email: or simply leave a comment for us to get in touch with you. You will be given 1hr free consultation to understand your situation and your short or long term coaching needs.
This deals with issues of courtship and preparations towards marriage which includes;
•Key principles of Marriage
•Wedding planning
•Overcoming unwanted sexual behaviours
This is a package that deals with general relationship issues with dating being its integral part and includes;
•Starting & maintaining a healthy relationship
•Handling distance relationship
•Dealing with relationship breakup
•Breaking free from toxic relationship
•Building trust in a relationship
This package deals with knowing yourself, discovering your potentials and how to live effectively which includes;
•Purpose discovery
•Effective time management
•Financial management strategies
•Overcoming fear & low self-esteem
Whatever issues you may be going through whether addictions, stress, loneliness, desperation for marriage, having evil or scary recurrent dreams, low self-esteem or anything to do with developing your spiritual or prayer life etc we can help you with some tips and guidelines. This package covers any area of your choice tailored to suit your personality.
You will be given 30mins free consultation to understand your situation and your short or long term coaching needs before payment.

MODE OF PAYMENT: Payment can be made online by debit or credit card using or by bank transfer to a UK account number which will be provided upon request. MTN Mobile Money transfer is also available on this Ghana number: +233 55 252 0447

Medium of communication are; Phone calls, Skype video calls, zoom, Whats App (Call, video or chats), Face to face (UK only if necessary) etc. Terms & Conditions apply.


To invite us to speak at your workshop, Singles, youth and women’s conferences, please contact Mrs Peace Amewowor: +44 7506 009931 or email; or

Please give at least 4 weeks advance notice for your bookings.

Our teachings cover areas affecting singles and young people’s effective living majoring on purpose discovery, self development including skills enhancement and preparation towards marriage. We will work with the theme for your conference or event or any topic you may desire us to speak about which is within our parameters. Any other needs or questions can be discussed over the phone or through email.

You can also reach us through Facebook messenger or whatsApp.

HOW I OVERCAME; Prayers I prayed as a single.


The book is 40-Day Journey of Positive Declarations, Prayers and Encouragement for singles (Devotional). It is a dynamic, educational and a warfare book which comprises all the prayers I prayed and practical steps I implemented during my singleness to prayerfully discover my purpose, prepare for marriage and have victory over evil recurrent dreams which I battled with for over 10yrs.

The book provides practical tips and the right scriptures dealing with sin, protection, divine revelation, healing, long life and restoration. It teaches how to make declarations and form prayer vocabulary based on scriptures to appropriate the promises of God in our lives.

The book deals with generational curses, the various types of altars and how to destroy evil altars. It provides you with assessment to complete in order to have real progress as you assess your life and family background.

Full Video:

Click on the Amazon link below to get your copy

Or Simply search for Mrs Peace Amewowor or full title of the book on amazon. Prices varies depending on your country of residence.

CALL/WhatsApp: +44 7506 009931 (For orders in Ghana and Nigeria & If you do not have access to amazon in your country of residence)

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