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Single WITH A LIFE (SWAL) is an organization founded on 13th February 2015, which seeks to bring together singles to enable them make good use of their time by developing themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, morally, physically, etc. and discovering their purpose BEFORE Marriage.

SWAL prepares those in relationships with counseling based on Biblical principles.

SWAL also seeks to enable members effectively use their talents/gifts by making use of the opportunities available to them at home, church, school and the community at large.

Most of the equipping SWAL gives to her members is done through daily discussions on topics related to singles on our two International WhatsApp groups currently made up of more than 350 singles in total from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and United Kingdom. Our Facebook page currently have almost 15,000 followers across the globe.

There is also a weekly Facebook live broadcast where singles are equipped to learn how to pray for themselves, how to make wise decisions leading to effective and productive living, listen to messages on marriage by other motivational speakers and ask questions etc.

The SWAL yearly Effective Singles Conference which is currently being held in Ghana and will be held in other countries in future is also, one of the ways singles are equipped with real life experiences and tips on how to navigate through the challenges of life and still live effectively.

SWAL serves as a support group for those who may be struggling with the challenges of singleness and helps transform their mindsets to accept the fact that, they can do and be all that they desire to be or achieve in life with or without a husband/wife.

SWAL emphasis on Effective singleness with the aim to produce singles who will live their purpose and be fulfilled individuals. This we believe will enable them to be equipped for life itself and not only for marriage because for some singles, marriage might never come!

SWAL is opened to all singles from the age of 16 who are willing to live by Biblical Principles.

The foundational scripture upon which SWAL operates is Luke 14: 28-30 and John 10:10


SWAL is NOT a dating site or a place to search for boyfriends/girlfriends although, we hope to produce fulfilled men/women after God’s heart who will be great partners to their spouses in future if they should embark on the marriage journey.

SWAL MOTTO: Equipping Singles for Purpose and Better Marriage


My name is Peace Amewowor. I was born in Ghana but resides in the United Kingdom. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacology from Kingston University London and S.A.C .Diploma (Cognitive behaviour therapy) with an ABC award from Stonebridge College London. I have completed certificate level counselling course and in line to complete subsequent levels.

I am a singer, composer of songs and a writer.

I have the experience of serving from my previous church (Elim Pentecostal Right Now Jesus Centre-London) as part of the leadership of the women’s fellowship for 5 years. I also served as an active member in my church choir, drama and youth group for 10 years.

I am married to Mr. Edem Amewowor, the Founder of Purpose Driven Men (PDM) and Make It Happen (MIH). I now worship at Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) under the leadership of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

I have always been conscious and passionate about marriage and relationships even as a child thus, I am not surprised that this passion led to my starting Single WITH A LIFE (SWAL), an organisation for singles and young people. In my mid-tweenties when there was no sign of a boyfriend, I suffered from a disease called Desperation which I believe is very familiar to most singles in the 21st century. This desperation led to my pursuit after knowledge when a friend who is now my husband introduced me to the marriage and relationship teachings by the late Dr. Myles Munroe. I later discovered from the knowledge acquired that I was very naive about marriage and had no life because, all I was living for was for marriage and nothing more! I then decided to take control of my life by making my life count through discovering and pursuing my purpose whiles enjoying the singleness ride with Jesus on my side until that time when my prince charming would show up. I believe I must have a life I am proud to own whether married or single!

I started SWAL as a way of passing on this knowledge to all singles and young people because, I believe the period of being unmarried is necessary in one’s life and so important in developing one’s Spiritual, mental, financial and emotional maturity etc, enjoying life and making the most out of it by discovering and pursuing purpose whiles preparing towards marriage.

I am grateful to God for the grace to discover and serve my purpose in my singleness.  I look back to singleness with no regrets because of the many lives that have and are being transformed as a result of deciding to make a difference in my generation. I trust that this organisation will help all singles to take control of their lives, appreciate the time they have, use it wisely and live effectively because, Life does not start after marriage, life starts NOW!!!

My desire is to see people especially; women, singles and young people equipped with the necessary tools to be successful in discovering and pursuing their God given purpose on earth and be effective in all areas of life regardless of family background or childhood experiences. During my 1:2:1 coaching which I provide through my other platform Turning POINT Coaching Services, I will provide you with personalised tips and guidelines to help you navigate through challenging areas of life either on short or long term basis in order to bring meaning to your life.


SWAL has 43 members serving as Group coordinators, Team leaders and Assistant team leaders mainly from Ghana and Nigeria working as volunteers on a full and part time basis who forms part of the leadership and management team.

All these leaders were raised from our whatsApp group who were approached by the CEO and Founder: Mrs Peace Amewowor  and offered training about the SWAL vision as a result of their activeness during the daily discussions and their demonstration of understanding the SWAL vision.

Some of these leaders have been through a 4 week training on whatsApp and at least one yearly face to face training in Ghana just before our Effective Singles Conference.

SWAL has raised over 60 members of the whatsApp group as leaders who served as coordinators at some point within the past 4 years. Some of these coordinators who are still in touch with SWAL have now moved on to pursue their own visions.

It is inspiring to know that most of these leaders began the process of leading people through SWAL as part of their personal busy schedules as full time students and/or full time workers.

SWAL takes pride in her leaders especially because of their sacrificial service and willingness to learn to impact the lives of singles on a daily basis.








 The most common impact of the SWAL vision on members are;

  1. Spiritual maturity (Relationship with God)
  2. Change of wrong mindset
  3. Understanding the importance of singleness
  4. Purpose discovery
  5. Decision making
  6. Improved self-confidence
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Graphic designing and video editing skills
  9. Time management skills
  10. Organizational skills
  11. Presentation skills
  12. Team work
  13. Educational doors
  14. Building long lasting friendships
  15. Starting healthy relationships
  16. Miraculous job opportunities
  17. Physical and emotional Healing
  18. Starting and Creation of new businesses
  19. Understanding the importance of marriage
  20. Engagements and Marriages


  1. Miss Peace Lari Adams who is now Mrs. Peace Amewowor started SWAL and run the vision successfully as a single lady for four (4) years before she got married.
  2. The SWAL Facebook page was launched on 13th February, 2015 and had over 2,000 followers within two (2) weeks.
  3. The Facebook page currently has almost 15,000 followers across the globe.
  4. Peace Amewowor has hosted over 70 Facebook Live broadcast on topics related to singles within the 5yrs of running the SWAL Vision
  5. The First SWAL whatsApp group was created on 13th July, 2015 with about 40 members and has had over 800 members passing through it.
  6. SWAL currently has two International WhatsApp groups with has members from Ghana, Nigeria, Qatar, United states of America, France and United Kingdom.
  7. SWAL has 17 Team groups run by Team leaders and assistant team leaders raised from the whatsApp group.
  8. SWAL has raised over 60 Leaders from the whatsApp group who served the vision as Group and Event coordinators.
  9. SWAL currently have 30 coordinators, Team leaders and Assistant Team Leaders based in Ghana, Nigeria, France and United States of America.
  10. SWAL has held three (3) singles hangouts in Ghana, two (2) in the United Kingdom and one (1) in Nigeria.
  11. SWAL has held three (3) singles event/seminar in Ghana which is now called the Effective Singles Conference.
  12. SWAL runs a prayer marathon on whatsApp and a quarterly whole month fasting and prayer on Facebook live and YouTube.
  13. SWAL has over 220 Educative, fun activities and testimony videos on Facebook and YouTube.
  14. Peace Amewowor learnt her designing and editing skills through running the SWAL vision. 98% of all SWAL videos were edited and uploaded on social media by her. She also, designed the SWAL official website
  15. Peace Amewowor’s passion for learning new skills inspired many SWALians to learn how to edit videos and design posters with their phones with a few using professional software.
  16. All SWAL official logo, souvenirs, posters, banners and flyers are designed by SWALians for free!
  17. Thirty Four (34) of our singles got married which led to the birth of our second Vision; Married WITH A LIFE (MWAL) Founded on 15th December 2018.
  18. SWAL has recorded Three (3) Royal weddings (that is marriage between two SWALians). The first Royal wedding was between the CEO and Mr. Edem Amewowor; the man who inspired her to discover the SWAL vision.
  19. SWAL has seventeen (17) Grand-children called MWALiets (Children by our Married members)
  20. 80% of SWALians are Teachers and Ewes from the Volta Region of Ghana (A mystery yet to be unraveled)
  21. SWAL has 3 official Songs composed by members with 5 unoffical songs yet to be perfected.
  22. The CEO; Peace Ameowor has published her second book  called THE MANDATE. which is about the SWAL vision.
  23. SWALians have also published a book about their experience with SWAL called THE IMPACT.

For more information please visit the whatsApp Group section or the homepage.

29 thoughts on “About SWAL

  • SWAL has been a great place to be on both WhatsApp and Facebook. SWAL has treated topics like, Purpose Discovery, Personal Relationship with God, Gender Difference, Temperament and Love language, Understanding marriage and many more. It is only on SWAL WhatsApp group that you can learn all this. Long live SWAL! Long live SWALians!

  • My stay with SWAL so far has been awesome. SWAL has been very fair to me and appreciate the little things I do. I’ve been impacted in positive ways since I joined SWAL whatsapp group and I’ve learnt a lot. SWAL is simply the best group to join…… Thanks.

  • The treat is beyond measures because day in day out there is something new from SWAL either on the whatsApp group/Social media platforms to add to knowledge.

    It was never a curse joining this great family.

  • SWAL is such a wonderful family that has thought me a whole lot about life. Especially, the various discussions that goes on every single day on the WhatsApp platform and the Live cast of the CEO on Facebook on various life metamorphosing topics, oooohhh I love them so much. The membership of SWAL is such an amazing one which made it possible for vision of the CEO to come to fruition. I will entreat every single youth reading this comment who is not yet a member of SWAL to join without hesitation.

    God bless SWAL, God bless the CEO and God bless the membership.

  • SWAL has been more than a blessing. The best moment of adulthood is discovering who you truly are and what you desire in life before joining another person’s life. And this is what SWAL preaches. It is amazing the little things that we don’t pay attention to affect the our relationship with others. At SWAL, I have learned alot about myself and who I can be compatible with. I am glad I found SWAL. I am no longer desperate to get married. I am indeed single with a purposeful life. Thank you.

  • The treat is very fantastic and I really appreciate it, especially mangling section. And I want to say that it’s not by accident that we join the group but it’s the purpose of God that we have to be part of this family so that we may not committed any mistakes that will lead us in to any distrustion.
    Actually I’m learning a lot things that will help me in future especially in my Christian and my marital life and I know my future wife will not suffer because am going to be the best husband.

    I pray that God will grant us the grace to run this race in Jesus name!


  • Swal has been a blessing. I’m especially amazed at how the CEO still takes time to communicate with and check up on me. The discussions are revealing…. Thank you SWAL

  • Looking back, I can only thank God that SWAL was there for me at my time of need. Now I’ve grown in wisdom, confidence and understanding and I am extremely happy to be part of this family. God bless you all for your dedication and wisdom!

  • SWAL has been a great educative platform for me. It has contributed to the development of my understanding in various aspects of my life. I’m truly appreciative of the support and pray it grows from strength to strength.

  • I thought 💭 I knew much about being single and I was good to go as far as marriage is concerned but until I joined SWAL I realized there is much I don’t know at all. Topics like BODY LANGUAGE was something I never knew of….. I learnt one greatest thing, accepting the views of people and tolerating the most intolerant person you can ever meet. I know with what am experiencing at SWAL I will come good as far working on my purpose and looking forward to marriage although I don’t see it as much necessity but I know it’s well. Many are the great things SWAL is equipping singles to become, knowing yourself is very critical done knowing someone else and I believe SWAL is a better grounds to aid anyone under the heavens. The part I love us the BIBLE PRINCIPLES INVOLVED IN ITS DAY TO DAY ACTIVITIES.

    With the CEO and the Coordinators is just awesome and a great pleasure to know and work with you all….. One of my best teams if not the best. Love you all. Let’s work hand ✋ in hand ✋ and make SWAL bigger, better and greater.

  • It’s being a blessing since I became a member of SWAL. I have learnt a lot from all her members especially on the WhatsApp platform. Hey the beautiful CEO has really listened to God on this vision. Always on Facebook ministering to the whole world. Touching lives and transforming them for a better single life and most especially for the kingdom of God. Ma’am God richly bless you and may the heavens respond to your every call. May Jehovah’s spot light be on you the rest of your life to announce your presence before you get there.Stay blessed and greater heights may you chock.

  • I was introduced to this wonderful family by an all time best friend in 2016. I thought it was just a group that i should join since my friend is also a member, but to be sincere with you reading this at this moment that it has really made me to discover whom i am as a single, the kind of decisions to make that will help me but a better future and i know and believe that there are more in stock for me and everyone who is privileged to join this family. I therefore entreat all and sundry to echo the mission and visions of this great family to others out there to help build their life they shall forever be indebted to you. Am proud to be a member (Swalian).

  • SWAL is one of a kind. A very educative platform. So many activities to make you grow in all spheres of of life ,be it spiritual,emotional and whatnot. God bless and keep this group going. Am really proud to be a member.

  • SWAL has actually imparted me with knowledge that will be useful for me and my ministry… its the best place to be as single.

  • It has been my pleasure to be part of this family.
    And I believe through this family and the teachings
    I will be a blessing to my future spouse and my family.
    God bless especially the founder “Miss Peace Adams”. for such a great vision.Thanks very much mum for the impact in my life

  • Am blessed to be here. great people and great teaching. its wonderful. I believe peopl’s life will be changed through the teaching here. already am learning new things.

  • SWAL has really blessed my life, there is something about curiosity, when I was introduced to SWAL and I was going through the orientation the process seemed long that was why I persisted to the end, but after that I have learnt alot, forgiveness, setting boundaries, marriage talks and lots more. SWAL is for serious youth who wants to achieve and do more in life

  • Its been wonderful being part of this amazing family, where everyone has enough time fro a brother or a sister to feel welcome in the family at his or her own pace. Long live SWAL

  • I dnt regret joining Swal, its been a wonderful group. I ve learnt so well n ve been encouraged majorly on hw to go abt life all wit d help of God. Long live Swal, God bless d CEO n all members

  • Deal is an awesome place to be. Lots are being shared and am really being imparted with great knowledge. The vision lives on.

    Purpose discovery and better marriage

  • Thank you all for your responses. SWAL appreciates them. We are glad to know you are enjoying SWAL and are being impacted.

    As part of celebrating our 3rd anniversary, we would appreciate your feedback on what you believe has improved in SWAL so far and what we should keep up or discard to help you enjoy SWAL more.

    Please help us improve by giving us your honest feedback.

    Many thanks

  • Hi guys,

    I trust singleness is treating you well and you are enjoying your time in SWAL.

    Please help us improve by leaving your feedback on the topics treated on the whatsApp group so far for January and February. (Vision & visioning and planning & time management).

    Many thanks for your time.

  • I am so happy to be a SWALian, this month of March we have been looking into the topic SAVINGS and before then I and other colleagues at my place of work thought of going into a corporative, I was reluctant but yet I did, saving was not my problem but cutting off half of my monthly take home was my problem, I felt scared and I always asked myself how I would cope, but God surprised me, I never for once lacked since I started the corporative, infact living on half my take home is convenient…

    Though there are times I see what my throat begs for but I control my self I have also learnt this month that you don’t save after spending, you save before spending… This was the mistakes I have made in other months, but I am sure I can’t make it any longer…

    God bless SWAL for the enlightenment…


  • SWAL is a wonderful WhatsApp group to join. Masturbation and pornography addiction as topics treated recently has changed my life entirely. They are evil and one is not supposed to engage in it. SWAL is one of the best group I will recommende for you.


  • I joined SWAL not long but I have been really transformed both physically and spiritually

    Due to our positive morning declarations( CMM) and the discussions on the WhatsApp groups

    so far so good, I have really learnt a lot of things that I can’t even mention

    Through our daily discussions I was able to stop doing certain things I used to do

    Everyone in SWAL is accommodating especially my beloved team leader beautiful Beauty .M. Deletsa .she is ever ready to teach and correct you

    further more, the comfort and encouragement given by our honourable CEO Miss peace Adams and her team during my sad moments, is above my imagination. God bless you for your good deeds

    SWAL is really doing a great job ,yes indeed a great job because I can see myself coming out of my shell ,I know with time I will be at the to hahaha.

    Thanks Caleb for introducing me to this AWESOME FAMILY. Am grateful

    SWAL keep it up,

  • Hello everyone. I joined SWAL not long ago but it has really been an eye opener for me. I was surprised though when Miss Peace Adams the CEO told me I had to go through Orientation before joining. That really made me believe the group means business and not just there for social purposes and learning.

    I met lovely people there especially Nduke Asuquo a Nigerian with a heart of gold,girl am glad I met you. All coordinators are like elder brothers and sisters. In fact its a one big family.

    If you are new here reading about us,don’t hesitate to join,We are really being equipped for the unknown married life. Marriage is not what we think of but what we make it, but now that we are singles, we aught to be SINGLES WITH A LIFE.

  • Saviour Awudi writes;
    Single With A Life, what an amazing platform! Joining eight months ago, I have experienced total transformation in all aspect of my life. This is primarily, as a result of the teachings and rich experiences shared by members from diverse background on this platform with regards to relationships, living a purpose-driven life, being effective as single etc. I must confess that my perspective on things like relationship and choosing a partner has changed joining this educational platform. Indeed , some of my ignorance has been exposed.
    I thank God for the life of the one who put this vision together. Also for the who introduces me to this platform.

    I, therefore, urge any single visiting this website who is yet to join the group to quickly avail him or herself to be equipped spiritually, emotionally, and above all living effectively before marriage by joining the platform

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