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SWAL Operates mainly through our Two international whatsApp groups (A & B) currently made of almost 350 members from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Qatar, United Kingdom and United States of America apart from the almost 15,000 followers on Facebook. We are keen on welcoming singles and young people from other countries. Our first whatsApp group was created on 13th July 2015 by Miss Peace Lari Adams; a Ghanaian Resident in UK who is now Mrs Peace Amewowor. 

To join the whatsApp group; 

  • You will be required to register for & pass your 8-Days orientation to help you understand the vision.

    One-off Registration fees per country

    United Kingdom; £10 

    United States of America; $15

    Ghana; GH¢10  

    Nigeria; 1000₦ 

    (All other countries will pay the equivalent amount in their currency)

  • During these 8-days orientation, your understanding of the vision and rules of the organisation will be tested with 35 questions in an online test.
  • You are required to achieve 25 marks to be qualified as a SWALian. (A member)

Apart from joining the Main whatsApp group, you will also be added to a separate Team Group of 15-25 members where you will have daily access to the CEO, Head Coordinator, your team leader and Assistant Team leader(s) who will answer your questions, support and give you ideas or counselling for any personal challenges you may be experiencing. Because the main group is large, some people find it difficult to mingle, form friendships or participate. Thus, the team group creates a close knit family where members can feel more comfortable and receive a one-on-one help from their team members and the leadership. The purpose of the team groups is to help members Build friendships, receive support and promote effectiveness on the main group

As an Effective Single WITH A LIFE, you will be given the opportunity to lead any of the activities carried out on the group to sharpen your leadership skills, enhance your confidence and give you a voice or place to make impact. This means you must come with a desire to be better in yourself because we believe, God is calling SWALians to take leadership positions in future and lead the world to make it a better place for us all.

Activities on the whatsApp group includes;

    • Positive declarations (The Blessing)
    • Morning devotions
    • Monthly discussion on topics related to singles
    • General counselling on real life case scenarios (Voice out)
    • 6 hrs prayer marathon
    • SWAL & Me
    • Game on/Word Challenge
    • Chef’s corner
    • Spotlight (hot seat)
    • Business & Carrier talks
    • Mingling sessions
    • Weekend fun activities
    • Sharing of testimonies and new lessons learnt (The Impact)
    • Operation Spread SWAL (O.S.S)

There are other more personalised activities carried out on the Team Groups to help you build friendships,  provide support where needed and encourage inter-Teams competitions thereby promoting your effectiveness on the main group.


  • SWAL is opened to singles from age 16 and to anyone who is willing to live by Biblical principles. Please ensure you make your orientation leader aware of any concerns you may have with Biblical Principles because, the organisation is built on that thus, we will have a discussion with you to ensure you are comfortable with it before joining us.
  • The rules of the Group are to ensure we maintain order and achieve our aims. You will be alerted on the group if you break a rule. This is to give you the opportunity to know which rule you really understand and the ones you need more help with. It is mandatory for you to ensure you understand all rules as purposely violating the rules, will lead to removal without warning.
  • We do award our active members by appreciating and celebrating them on the main group and on our social media platforms if they are happy for their names to be publicised.  Active members also have the chance of serving on the leadership board to help advance the vision.
  • Please make it a point to be an active participant of the various activities on the group because, that is the only way you will be impacted by the vision and also make impact on others.  As an active member, you will be recognised by group members and the management which will give you a voice and make your stay in SWAL more enjoyable. Active members always boast about how many international calls they receive from their SWAL friends during mingling sessions and easily make friends during hangouts.
  • In SWAL, we learn from each other by sharing our views on topics presented for discussion with the aim to change and help each other as the future world leaders. The biggest sin in SWAL is refusing to share your knowledge with others during discussions. Thus, Observers or inactive members who are unwilling to get better will be removed to make way for those more willing to make impact.
  • Members are to invest into their individual equipping privately by following the teachings and Live videos of the CEO on Facebook and the uploaded videos on the YouTube channel from the Effective Singles Conference and other events. They are also to read any books, follow video links and other Inspirational speakers recommended by the CEO.


Members are encouraged to give a minimal monthly contribution to help build finances towards the Effective Singles Conference and advance the vision. The CEO is currently the biggest financier of the vision which she has happily done for more than 4 years.

Membership contributions is to give members the opportunity to also sow into the vision and be part of her growth.

Monthly payments per country

United Kingdom; £2 for students, £5 for workers.

United States of America; $5 for students, $10 for workers

Ghana; GH¢2 for students, GH¢5 for workers.

Nigeria; 300₦ for students, 500₦ for workers.

All other countries will pay the equivalent of this amount in their currency. Payment mode are all available on the Donations tab on the home page of this website and will also, be provided to you on the whatsApp Group)

PLEASE NOTE: Membership Contributions and orientation registration fees are subject to change annually and are Non-Refundable.

Also, after passing orientation, you will be required to pay for 1 month advance towards membership contributions before being added to the main whatsApp group. 



This is our prayer marathon which takes place every week either by texting your prayers or recording a voice message of your prayers on the whatsApp group.

  • SWALians with no Medical conditions are encouraged to FAST every Monday till 6pm or after 12pm depending on their ability.
    (A weekly foundational scripture will be provided for the Fast).
  • We run conference prayer times Every Monday dawn for 1hr anytime before 6am. Each prayer group is made up of at least 4 SWALians who are free to either pray through whatsApp or normal calls. The weekly prayer points will be provided by the management.
  • SWALians are encouraged to hold a Personal All Night Vigil in their homes/rooms either alone or with family/friends to pray on specific matters affecting them and SWAL which needs divine intervention.
  • SWAL will be calling for a whole month of Fasting quarterly each year (usually in February, June and October). Members are to get involve in the daily zoom prayer meetings and other prayer activities that takes place on the whatsApp Group & Facebook page in order to receive their divine breakthroughs. 


We do have another vision called MWAL which provides a platform for our singles who get married to continue equipping themselves. Married SWALians are called MWALians and are encouraged to join the MWAL International WhatsApp group but, are also free to still stay in SWAL to continue learning if they wish.

To benefit from the teachings of MWAL, please follow the links below;

FACEBOOK PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/marriedwithalife/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKTL2qdTJ2SQIPkLVgBhMg

  • Members are free to send in their recorded videos or text messages of any testimonies they received as a result of the fortnightly 6 hrs prayer marathon and any new lessons learnt from daily discussions. You can also post your testimonies, concerns and suggestions in the comment box at the bottom of this page or on the home page. (Please note: Once you send in your recorded testimony video/audio or text messages, you are automatically giving us permission to publicise them on our social media platforms to educate other singles). 
  • Any other information needed to pass your orientation will be explained to you by your orientation leader on whatsApp. To register for your Orientation, please click on “New Registration” from the homepage. 
  • To receive updates when new videos are uploaded, please like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram by clicking on the various social media icons on the footer of this page.


As part of members support and commitment to the vision, a whole month is set aside on the whatsApp group for team group members to come up with activities and ways they can promote the vision of SWAL by inviting more singles to join us. Our first O.S.S took place in May 2018. This led to the creation of our second international whatsApp Group (Group B) as our first group became full.

These are some of the beautiful posters team members and leaders designed based on their understanding of the vision as their way of spreading SWAL.

  • U

The OSS winners were; Team Isaac (1st place), Team Winners (2nd place) and Team Obaapa (3rd place). 

ConSWALisations  and a big thank you to all the team groups for their effort and dedication in pushing the SWAL vision.


O.S.S November 2018



                                 THE IMPACT

Welcome to our testimonies section where you will find the true life stories of how our singles are impacted daily through the SWAL vision in general.

A big thank you to all those who used their phones to record their testimonies.  Your testimony will also inspire other singles to look for ways to have effective lives. God bless you for sharing!. If you want to share your experience with SWAL, please feel free to send in your videos or text messages either through email, on whatsApp or simply post into the comment box your new lessons learnt and what has changed in your life since you encountered SWAL.

God bless you for your continuous support and trust in us. We pray and hope that the years ahead will be more fulfilling as you live Effective lives and prepare towards your marriage for those of you who desires to embark on that journey in Jesus name Amen.



32 thoughts on “WhatsApp Group

  • SWAL has been my home since day one and i have one testimony that i will like to share.
    I joined SWAL not less than a 10 months ago and although sometimes am not active on the whatsapp group but glory be to God i had my first miracle on the last 3 days. Although things were though and i was suffering from stomach pains which i experience not less than every three days ago but through our daily scheduled prayer meeting i have totally be delivered from the illness. Although i was not able to type due to severe pains but by the Grace of God when i started following and reading the prayer messages. Am fine…I THANK GOD FOR SUCH A MIRACLE ..God bless SWAL and the founder not forgetting our noble members and coordinators…THANK YOU

    • Awesomely awesome!! Very happy to hear this. We thank God for the healing and we declare that this healing is sealed with the blood of Jesus and the pain is gone forever in Jesus name Amen!

      Thanks for sharing your testimony with us.

  • Wow, happy anniversary in advance SWAL, I pray you live to the end of time.

    It is a blessing to be part of this noble family. I will always be grateful Edem for recommending SWAL to me and also to Miss Adams for believing in me and adding me to the coordinating team.

    Some of the topics I can never forget about are personal hygiene, temperaments and love languages, understanding marriage and setting boundaries. This is just few of them.
    Personally, SWAL has helped me discover my temperament and love language. I’ve also got to know that marriage is not just about meeting a man or a lady, falling in love and getting married. It involves much more than just that. Love alone isn’t enough for marriage. In SWAL, I got to know that as a single, I just don’t have to sit and wait desperately for marriage, what if it never comes? So, I got to know I have to get a life, do something meaningful and purposeful while I’m single. I can do whatever I want to do later in marriage now and I don’t have to wait until I marry before I do them.

    To be continued….

    • This is inpiring Beauty. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You are much appreciated for your support and efforts.

    • This is inspiring Beauty. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You are much appreciated for your support and efforts.

  • Continuation……

    Because of the biblical principles SWAL is based on, I’ve built up my faith by the help of SWAL. As a prayer coordinator, I’ve got to study the Bible more and know more scriptures. To be frank, if not for this position, I wouldn’t have come across some scriptures. I’ve also improved tremendously in prayers. I can pray for long now unlike first. SWAL is indeed a blessing, a beautiful home to be.

    Joining the coordinating team, I got to understand what is meant by teamwork. The coordinators are just amazing. I’ve also learnt to communicate well though I’m still learning, I’m not perfect there yet. Tolerance and patience are other values SWAL has inculcated in me. Not forgetting time management, orderliness and punctuality.

    If you’re not yet in SWAL but a single, please join us. You won’t regret it.

    Thank you SWAL, thank you CEO of SWAL, Miss Peace Adams.

    • Nice to know you are learning and putting into practice what you’ve learnt over the years in SWAL. Weldone!

  • I want to bless God’s name and the person who introduced me to Single WITH A LIFE (SWAL) though I don’t know the person in person and I cant remember who he or she was…

    SWAL is a place where you are told both what you know and what you are yet to know, I came in to SWAL when a sweet topic was been treated… Something about rape and incest. To be candid I only know that it’s bad for a family member to take advantage of another family member, never knew the name was incest… Well I learnt from those topics also the likes of Purpose Discovery, Relationships, temperaments, Love Language, personal hygiene, Visioning and lots more…

    I have also built my spiritual life, I have grown to be an interceeder, I now pray for myself and people without stress,

    “If there is a man to pray, then there is a God to answer” so the adage says I also joined SWAL while I was not working and I did my best to tell many youths around me about SWAL, then God surprised me with a job, while I was still thanking Him for it, He surprised me with yet another in such a way I could not explain, I only knew it was God at work…

    I want to bless God for healings and triumphs won during the prayer sessions, it’s been God all the way…

    I have also learnt to command with my mouth what I want to see in a day and in my man, Infact I can’t love SWAL less for awakening the sleeping giant in me…

    I would like those who don’t take prayers serious to please do, God works in mysterious ways and so has SWAL changed and transformed me in a miraculous way because now I am always time conscious and I know how to handle issues especially when people asks me life questions…

    Also to all the youths out there, all the singles out there, please join SWAL, don’t say because you have a relationship you can’t join, there is more to marriage than falling in love and going on dates and even getting married… come and equip yourself first and victory shall be yours in Christs name…

    Thank you Miss Adams for taking me as your friend and sister, I love you…

  • I want to thank God for SWAL. I can say a lot of changes in my spiritual life.my prayer life has change am able to wake n pray unlike those days learning de word n meditating.At the event i learned to believe the word n act on it n that brought a miracle of my fiance back home after many years of prosponding .Although I lost my job during the xmas season iknow the God of SWAL will PROVIDE cos I believe n this will be his Will not mine AMEN

  • Grace Akua Kpodo made it possible for me to meet this amazing family. I am currently counting my second year. I have not regretted joining this family because of their conscious effort to draw the attention of singles to self-development and the ceaseless spiritual support given to members and coordinators if they are in difficulty. These they do through monthly check ups and prayer sessions organized every two weeks. I fell sick few months after joining SWAL and I informed the CEO about it. She prayed for me one-one on the phone via Whatsapp after which she made my request part of the prayer agenda prepared for the prayer sessions during which they prayed for me until I was well. It was a good feeling knowing they cared about me. The daily discussions on significant monthly topics are getting me equipped without paying a penny. These discussions have been of great benefit to me especially those on developing a personal relationship with God, Singleness, Temperament & Love language, Finances, Self-image and Visioning. After the topic Developing a personal relationship with God has been treated, it dawn on me to spend more time of the time I have to study the word of God, meditate on it, speak the word and act it. This I believe has gotten me closer to God. I never knew Singleness is of importance until it was treated in SWAL. I now know that it is a period I can use to equip myself for life and marriage because I have all the time to myself to do that. I also got to know that during this time of singleness, I should not put anything on hold thinking I will do them when I get married. This is because I might end up not marrying which will mean that I never lived. Even when I marry I might not get the time to still do the things I placed on hold because my wife and children would equally need my attention. The equipping for life and marriage is what am doing now through SWAL, and through YouTube by watching inspirational videos on living effectively as a single and a fulfilled life in general, instead of living in desperation to marry early. I used to think that once am done with education and working with a reasonable amount of salary, I can marry but through singleness again as treated in SWAL I got to know that Money is just one aspect of the physical preparations I need to make towards my marriage. I need to do more to cover for my spiritual needs too. These am doing now by making time to study the word, pray and fast. I believe am building a strong spiritual foundation on which my family, when I marry one day would be built upon. When Finances or money matters was treated in SWAL, I was educated on the need to pay tithes and save a percentage of monies I receive or earn. This am implementing by saving for the future. I believe it would help any future project I would like to embark on and even marriage in order not to wail over financial instability which can delay my marriage. There are times when I underestimate myself, see myself incapable of doing certain things and attempt to live to please others. Self-image opened my mind to knowing that I am unique and don’t need to be in the shoes of others or live the way they want me to. I just need to live just as I am created in order not to loose my purpose on earth.
    To be continued..

    • Your testimony is very educative! I have learnt a lot from this and I bless God that SWAL has equipped you in this way for a better future! Weldone for putting into practise all the things you have learnt from the whatsApp group. Keep up the good work and the sky is not your limit because, you can go beyond the sky!

  • In the midst of all these equipping made possible through SWAL, I need to discover my purpose by asking God through prayers and work on it now because am not married and have all the time to myself. I got to know through SWAL that discovering my purpose before marriage will not only give me ample time to live it but will guide me select a spouse who is also walking in a similar vision or purpose like mine to make things easy for me in my marriage. Just as the bible made it clear in Amos 3:3, and I paraphrase as two people capable of walking together only if they agree to each other.
    Visioning, the theme of the Effective Singles Conference Ghana, 2017 was mind blowing, and it enlightened me to live in my vision because life without vision is a meaningless life! It is not going to be a smooth journey living in my vision because of what people would say to discourage me and the spiritual attacks, but bearing God’s promise in mind that the vision will not tarry but shall speak and not lie is enough to push me through as long as he wants me to carry it. The conference also made it possible for me to meet other singles and socialize which is all part of ensuring that I live happily without seeing singleness as a curse. More especially, it was held at the end of the year as a result of which we used the occasion to commit the New Year into God’s hands.
    Giving the opportunity to work with SWAL has helped me with time management and my prayer life because the CEO do accentuate on them as part of the teachings in SWAL. It has also helped me develop my leadership skills and sense of duty having to work with coordinators from different backgrounds. I can boldly say that I am coming out of my shell of feeling shy to do certain things as a result of holding a leadership position in SWAL. I entreat singles out there to join this family because it is the best place to be as far as living your singleness effectively is concerned.
    Let me take a moment to thank the CEO for the opportunity to be part of your reputable institution and Grace Akua for recommending SWAL for me.

    Happy 3rd SWAL anniversary!!!
    Long live SWAL!!!
    Long live the CEO!!!

    • This is Awesome and very encouraging to know that our hardwork is paying off. It gives me joy to hear the impact that SWAL is making in the lives of her members. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. God bless you!

  • Good day lovely people, am Daniel from Ghana and I’ve been in SWAL for about 6months. It was amazing how i became a member of SWAL. My membership in SWAL to me I say was a calling.

    How I joined SWAL
    A very good friend of mine, let me say my sister from another mother told me about SWAL and that she want me to join. I was reluctant to join but rejecting an offer from such a person would be some way because she is someone respect a lot. So I was like, I’ve heard you. It took me some months, I don’t know how many months but it took me long to accept.
    It happened that day I was in class and by then I was teaching and I just heard SWAL in a faint voice. I didn’t really pay much attention in the first instance but kept coming to me and each time, it sounds louder than the previous. Even that evening that word SWAL was on my mind throughout the night. So i called my friend the following day and told her I want to be a member of SWAL. So that was how I joined SWAL. This is my first time am opening up to say this and I’ve not mentioned this to my friend either.

    Impact and Benefits
    The prayer marathon has help me a lot, although I don’t get to take part all the time but it has improved my prayer life and the morning devotion too has helped me have a word that will keep me going throughout the day.
    Many topics were treated but the ones I came to meet was Desperation and Vision. And it has helped me overcome certain issues that was eating me up making me to be desperate by then.
    I have learnt also that there is a vision in me which I must fulfill for the benefit of my generations and that why am here on earth. I’ve also learnt about the secrets to success of man, how to discover my vision and pursue it,
    challenges in visioning and it is helping me a lot in my journey of life. My only regret was not joining SWAL on the first time my friend told me about it but all the same, I am here now and I thank God.
    Through SWAL, I now know how to do editing of a video/movie. There is also a nice story surrounding how it all happened. One day, Miss Adams talked of how editing of SWAL videos was stressing her out and taking too much of her time. So then I said to myself, I can do this to help her out and so messaged her privately and told her I want to help her with the aspect of the video editing. She asked if I knew how editing was done and I said no but I was going to learn it on my own so I can help her out with the editing of SWAL videos. She was happy to hear that and she promised sending me a link to go and download some tutorials which she did and the rest is history. I gave myself an assignment after learning the editing. I put together a video using pictures and I sent that to her. She was so amazed at how well I did it and did it very well. I then proceeded and added graphics and now I can also do graphic designing. If i had not come to SWAL, I wouldn’t know I was that creative.
    Thank you Miss Adams for helping bring out what I had in me. I never knew I was that good but thanks to you Miss Adams, I have discovered a talent and a hobby. God bless you and as SWAL turns 3, it’s my prayer that she prosper in all her endeavors and she (SWAL) will spread like the harmattan fire to every corner of the world and live long to impact and equip more singles like me for purpose and that is what a see SWAL going to be in the next 5-10years to come, it’s going to take over the world.
    Happy anniversary to SWAL and all SWALians. God bless you Miss Adams and Deuteronomy 28:1-13 is prayer and wish for you.
    Thank you my friend, thank you my sister from another mother for introducing SWAL to me and I am forever grateful and indebted to you. Thank you so much and God bless you.

    To other singles out there, I say if you are not a part of this big family, you are missing out a lot. I will urge each and every single out there to rush and join us in the train. In fact the love I’ve received since I joined SWAL is so much and it beats my imagination.
    Come join SWAL and you life will never be there same, come join SWAL and you will never regret, come join SWAL and you will see its the best decision you’ve made just like me.
    Single WITH A LIFE
    Equipping Singles for Purpose and Better Marriage.

    • Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is awesome and so inpiring! Thank you for sharing with us how SWAL has impacted you! Keep up the good work as God brings out His treasure in You! Weldone! We give all glory to God!

      Thank you so much for the support! You have taking off some part of the workload. God bless you!

  • This amazing group (SWAL) has been of great help to me, i can’t but thank God for bringing me here. He has saved many areas of my life just by me been in this group. My prayer is that SWAL will continue to flourish.
    The best place to be………..I AM Single with a life.

  • Hi guys

    I bring you greetings from SWAL. Thank you for your continues support and contributions towards the SWAL vision.

    For those of you unable to send in your testimony videos, you are encouraged to post any testimonies you may have on here.

    Also, we would like to know how our recent topics on the whatsApp group; Vision & visioning, planning and time management has benefited you so far! We believe you learnt a lot so please share with us your new discoveries and how that is helping you live an effective single life.

    Can’t wait to hear from you all. Thank you.

  • I write to testify that indeed SWAL is doing greater works in my life. Through SWAL I had insight on how much the words I speak can influence my life by realigning my destiny.

    One of SWAL’s daily agenda by the name, Commanding My Morning (CMM) has given me the opportunity to speak life, positives into my life because the bible says power and death lies in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall enjoy its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). This means that whatever words I enjoy saying I shall enjoy the fruit of those words. This particular daily agenda (CMM) has got me speaking life, goodness into my life every morning and I believe it has realigned my destiny into the path of God should it change undetected because part of His words tells us in Isaiah 54:17, that we shall condemn every tongue which rises against us. This means it is our sole responsibility to ensure that negative words spoken against us in our absence or presence are condemned. This makes CMM an important ingredient of my spiritual life to ensure that I live a quality life just as Christ died on the cross for me to have that kind of life.

    I thank God once again for the life of SWAL and how much it has contributed to my spiritual life for I believe my angelic hosts of the Lord are put to work in ensuring that my words spoken every morning direct me and my generations into greatness, success and riches in Jesus name, amen!

    You can’t miss all this, lovely readers. Take that important decision to be part of this family and your life will never be the same!

  • I write to testify that indeed SWAL is doing greater works in my life. Through SWAL I had insight on how much the words I speak can influence my life by realigning my destiny.

    One of SWAL’s daily agenda by the name, Commanding My Morning (CMM) has given me the opportunity to speak life, positives into my life because the bible says power and death lies in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall enjoy its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). This means that whatever words I enjoy saying I shall enjoy the fruit of those words. This particular daily agenda (CMM) has got me speaking life, goodness into my life every morning and I believe it has realigned my destiny into the path of God should it change undetected because part of His words tells us in Isaiah 54:17, that we shall condemn every tongue which rises against us. This means it is our sole responsibility to ensure that negative words spoken against us in our absence or presence are condemned. This makes CMM an important ingredient of my spiritual life to ensure that I live a quality life just as Christ died on the cross for me to have that kind of life.

    I thank God once again for the life of SWAL and how much it has contributed to my spiritual life for I believe my angelic hosts of the Lord are put to work in ensuring that my words spoken every morning direct me and my generations into greatness, success and riches in Jesus name, amen!

    You can’t miss all these, lovely readers. Take that important decision to be part of this family and your life will never be the same!

  • What I learned from the topic Masturbation and Pornography

    1. 🔥I learnt Masturbation and pornography destroys you and your marriage / relationship.
    🔥I learnt It also gives room for the devil to manipulate you if not stop
    🔥I learnt also to avoid bad companies that lure us into such devilish act.

    2.🔥I have help me to leave a godly life.

  • Hello everyone,my name is Dekonor Adzo Comfort,26 years of age and am I Ghanaian

    I joined SWAL 5 months ago
    SWAL is a very good place for every single to be because I have really learnt a lot since I joined this noble family(SWAL)
    To be precise, we treated a topic called MASTURBATION , I use to do that even though am not addicted to it ,
    It still has a lot of negative impacts on me but after we finished treating the topic,i got to know the negative effects of it , I prayed about it and by the grace of God I overcame it .
    SWAL is really equipping me in so many ways,my leadership skills are improving,mingling with different kinds of people from different angles
    Not to talk of my spiritual life,everything has changed even though i do pray but not as compared to the moment with SWAL

    My advise to the singles out there is that,SWAL is equipping and shaping her members for purpose and better marriage and future
    So I want you all to join SWAL and have a great and better life and future

    Thanks a lot SWAL

  • Pamela Akpene Foli


    27 yrs

    Team Beauty


    Like everything about swal when we talk about dislike nothing discovered yet.

    Learnt how to live a life as a single

    Testimonies from prayer time is many it made me to be more prayerful and improved my prayer Life too

    Will entreat and encourage other single is the best family and place to be family of love, peace God fearing etc.


  • SWAL has given me an eye opening on what to do with my single life… It’s shown be that being single doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone or you are lonely or some sort of menace or Disease buh a stage for self evaluation, actualization and purpose ascertainment…
    SWAL has as well improved my Spiritual Life and also opened me to meeting new people like Mrs Amewowor, Nduke, Rosie, Edem, Eniton and others…

  • Hi guys, hope SWAL is treating you well. Thank you all for joining our 30 days fasting and prayer this month especially those of you on our international whatsApp group. Please feel free to share your experiences in terms of challenges and how you are overcoming them in this fasting and prayer. Also, share any testimonies received in this season of divine speed.

    For those of you not on our whatsApp group, you can find the poster with all the information you need on the home page of this website. For the daily prayer agenda, please follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/singlewithalife|

    All the best and God bless you!

    • Fasting has been wonderful. Been able to fast and pray since we started (while at work, I use the audio of Apostle Joshua Suleiman to pray). Thanks to God so far. Waiting on Him for abundant grace and strength to finish the fast. My spiritual fervency is improving. It can only get better.

      Oh what a place to be, a family that keeps you on the toe of rediscovery of yourself.
      This fasting time has been awesome & great. The more time I spent with God in listening to audios of Apostle Johnson Suleman , the more mystery & secret weapons I discover, the more mystery I’m discovering, there more hungry I get & crave for more……It’s a beautiful feeling. If you haven’t started yet, JOIN IN NOW!! The Lord will exceedingly meet anyone who diligently seek Him.

      This June Fasting – DIVINE SPEED is Just for You…..I mean you😂🙌🏻

  • Wow I love the testimonies above so far.
    My personal testimony is this.
    SWAL has been my backbone in life.
    From SHS I’ve been asking myself so when will I also get married, also I was someone that any dress at all goes wherever I go and in any occasion at all. But through SWAL I’ve been able to learn how to keep myself in various occasions. I’ve also known my temperament and how to live peacefully with those with different temperaments but initially I used to get bored and do whatever I felt like doing irrespective of who you are. Even though I’m the shy type but I dont take excuse me to say any Nonsense from anyone. But through SWAL I’ve learnt hoe to control my self and my feelings as well.

    I’ve learnt a lot on how to keep myself in a hygienic way and how to get myself something to do before marriage and also not to feel bad or frustrated when marriage doesn’t come my way.

    Mrs. Peace Amewowor God bless you for this vision

    I’m still learning more things so I will urge everyone reading my post to join SWAL in order to be a blessing to yourself and to your community.


  • God has been really good. We know he who begun this awesome journey with us will surely see us through making us victorious.
    My life is never the same
    I walk in divine excellence
    When men cast down there’s a lifting for me
    Am a wonder n mystery to my generation.
    Long live SWAL💋💗💗💗

  • Actually I’ve been with SWAL for almost 3years now, and I must say it’s been nothing but strengthening and spiritual uplifting.. an example was last month, I was praying to God about the next half of the year, asking if HE could show me the way to go as the year runs quickly to its end… just then the CEO Mrs Peace, announced the 30 days fasting and prayers… I’m at a level in my spiritual life mostly because I joined SWAL… beloved out there, being single is such a time that we need no one but, God.. and to become the person you’d like your life partner to be, you must be a SWALian…. it doesn’t just end with marriage you know… she, through the Holy Spirit, guides you through the eternal journey called marriage… you were born for greatness dear, but Satan will rob you of it, if you let him… join SWAL at least, even if it’s just on trial basis… you’re always at liberty to quit if you’re not satisfied… but I’m confident that you would love this family even the more… and oh, before I forget, we have the very caring members you could ever think of..! See you soon, chao.

  • I thank God for the life of SWAL and all SWALians at large. I joined SWAL about two years ago. My Coworker introduced me. I have really been inspired by the love and the unity in the family of SWAL. Everyone is valued and not numbered. Our CEO has been phenomenal throughout my stay here in SWAL. Upon all her busy schedules she still get time to send in quotes and messages that are life changing.
    Not forgetting our hard working coordinators. God bless you all.
    SWAL has really impacted my life positively. I have received counselling on the journey to marriage free of charge.
    I have now been able to pray on my own,
    I have also been able to fast from 6am to 6pm and beyond. Fasting for such a long hour was a challenge to me. I didn’t even knew how to start and the scriptures to accompany the fast, in the nutshell I was so lazy but since I joined SWAL I have been transformed.
    long live the CEO, LONG LIVE SWAL, LONG LIVE ALL swalians.

  • Edem Zornu Jacob now the Head Coordinator of SWAL was the one who introduced me to thid family and I want to say I have never and will never regret been part of this family..
    A lot have been learnt and there are a lot more to be learnt so far as I and you continue to be a member of this family….

    SWAL is aimed at helping singles who are desperate in so many ways to take the right decision in life, SWAL is also aimed at equiping singles to be independent and also to manage their time well and finally SWAL help those singles who want life partners to make the right choices and decisions
    I personally, SWAL has impacted me in so many ways, my prayer life has now change, formally I don’t pray at all but now with the help of SWAL I have learnt how to pray and as at the moment I’m a prayer leader

    SWAL has also impacted into me leadership qualities such as being time conscious, decision making and how to control my followers or members

    SWAL has also made me understand that prayer and fasting is the most powerful weapon of a Christian therefore if you want things to turn around speedily in your life then you must be ready to pray and fast hence our 30 day’s fasting this month which is aimed at speeding up changes in the life of SWALians

    On this note I want to encourage all those who are yet to join SWAL to make it snappy because they are missing a lot of blessings….
    Thank you and God bless you

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