Welcome to Single WITH A LIFE teachings and interviews session. Please leave your feedback on how these teachings has helped you live an effective single life.

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  • The best place I have been was joining the Swal watsap group.I always learn new things on all aspect of life.

  • It’s great been part of this family.
    SWAL, a place to be in your singleness to equip you towards life & marriage.

  • I love being part of this family. It’s such an awesome thing that can happen to any single on the planet earth.

  • Swal is one of the best groups i’m on. Kudos to the CEO and coordinators for making it work!

  • Joining this family 👪 of singles has been a great thing that has ever happened to me as a single and it shall forever be commemorated in my heart ❤. Kudos to all the players involved.

  • SWAL has helped me understand my strengths, to identify my God given purpose in life and how to use my time being single effectively. The prayers and support from the SWAL family has been a blessing too. Many thanks to everyone involved, God bless you all.

  • SWAL is not just a group but one that transforms lives…its the best group ever.

  • Swal is the best thing that ever happened to me, it’s really helped me to equip myself as a single. Thanks to all Swalians. SWAL all the way!!!

  • To God be d glory great things he has done for dis great opportunity given to me to be part of dis family,to me i think SWAL shldn’t be for youth alone wt wat have learn’t dere if possible for adult also,to my CEO may God continue to bless u nd bless all d cordinators.SWAL is d best place to be

  • I have never regretted joining this group. It has really helped me to define some aspect of life which was an endemic to me. But thank God He deposited my answer to these issues in miss Peace to mobilise and helping us to solve the issues. Especially the topic: setting boundaries.

  • I really love this group, I’ve never regretted joining this group God bless our CEO

  • Swal is the best thing that has happen to me,no one will understand me but I know what am talking about……
    People listen to me when I have to advise them base on what I have learnt from this great family…… Though am still working on my self but I’m blessed to be part of this great family
    My way of thinking now is strongly different now…

  • Great comments by all. We thank God for all He’s doing with you in SWAL. I feel encouraged and inspired reading through your comments. God bless you all!

    Our 3rd anniversary is just around the corner precisely 13th February 2018 so let’s start thinking of ways to celebrate it in our various countries. You can send photos of how you celebrated it and we will post them on our social media platforms.

    I am looking forward to this celebration!!

    Lots of Love

  • SWAL, the best singles family where you are equipped for purpose and better marriage. In SWAL, you are also groomed to be the best you and also improve in your Christian life. This family is just amazing. I thank God for being part of SWAL for through SWAL I’m learning soo much.

  • up SWALians, united we stand.
    I love this family like kilode.
    C- long live SWAL.
    R- long live SWALians.

  • Joining SWAL is one of the best decision I have ever made, I really love all the activities that goes on in our WhatsApp group, It’s the best place I will recommend for all singles, even if you are in relationship it’s the best place to be trust me👍

  • My first time on the page was awesome. I was warmly welcomed and recieved.
    I passed my orientation test one touch.
    I can’t actually remember the name of the coordinator but I love the approach and it really helped me passed my test easily
    My first time with the CEO was awesome. Her communication skills was powerful and on point. Thank God for her life.

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